Unforgettable Date Night Ideas for Non-Adventurous Couples

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It can be frustrating to come up with a fun outdoor date if you’re not the adventurous type. Ziplining or rock-climbing may look awesome, but your fear of heights just won’t let you book those tickets. Even camping is unappealing, because what’s if a bear or snake is lurking in your site?

Your fears and preference for calmer activities may drive you insecure but worry not. Contrary to popular belief, not being adventurous doesn’t mean that you’re no fun. Everyone’s cup of tea is just different. Some are natural daredevils, but others, like you, aren’t, so don’t feel bad about loving movie nights and fancy dinner dates.

However, those may get boring if done over and over again. The spice and spark in your relationship depend on your willingness to try new things, after all, so this Christmas and Valentine’s Day, try the outdoors and see what floats your boat.

And since you’d rather not risk your lives in the woods or fifty feet into the air, here are some fun yet easy activities you might enjoy:

  1. Fishing

Before fine dining and buffet restaurants lose their appeal, try literally fishing out your food from the water. Make it more fun by traveling to another state, like Alaska, where incredible halibut fishing sites are found. Having your first catch together can be a remarkable milestone to celebrate, and grilling and eating your catches would make your meal more special.

  1. Sleeping in a Cave

Don’t worry; you won’t live like the Croods or any other caveman. Instead, book a flight to Turkey, and spend the night at a unique cave hotel in Cappadocia. Rooms go from basic to luxurious, but either way, privacy is guaranteed, and there won’t be any bats joining you.

You should also consider Sala Silvermine hotel, where the world’s deepest hotel suite is found. Sleeping 500 feet underground shouldn’t be too bad, especially when you’re in the arms of your beloved.

  1. Haunted House Tour

If you can’t wait until Christmas to have your first adventure-filled date, why not have it on Halloween, specifically in the scariest, most unsettling haunted house in your country? If you and your significant other love horror films, this spine-chilling date should exhilarate you both. After all, none of the ghosts and legends surrounding the haunted house is likely real, unlike a freak accident that could happen from bungee-jumping or skydiving.

  1. River Rafting or Kayaking

Rafting may be too intimidating, considering the churning waters and the possibility of your boat flipping over, so thankfully, kayaking is an option. Rowing the boat is a good form of exercise, and maybe, after floating on the water for long, you may get used to the sensation and become ready for a challenge, which is, well, rafting.

  1. Traveling Through Europe on a Train

Europe is known for its breathtaking and historical sights. And you can see heaps of it from the comfort of your train seat. Just buy a Eurail Pass, and see the scenic landscapes, mountain summits, and eerie tunnels of 28 European countries.

  1. Skating

If you’ve never tried skating before, doing it for the first time can be quite nerve-wracking and scary, but also fun. You can do it on a skating rink or a frozen lake. If you’re doing it on the latter, make sure to don safety gear because an injury will easily ruin the fun.

  1. Geocaching

For treasure-hunting or detective film lovers, geocaching is a perfect date idea. Just download the Geocaching app, and look for a set of GPS coordinates in your area. Once you’ve arrived in the right location, hunt down the geocache container, inside which is a unique prize hidden.

  1. Seeing the Niagara Falls from a Boat

You don’t have to plunge down a 100-feet waterfall to enjoy Niagara Falls. Book a boat tour, and you can take in the gorgeous natural wonder comfortably — and safely. The boat tour is among the oldest Niagara Falls activities, so consider it a historical date.

  1. Playing Sports

Sports are definitely challenging if none of you are athletic. Try something that isn’t as rigorous, like golf or archery. But if you’re feeling in the mood for something faster and a bit scarier, go skiing and the like.

  1. Enjoying a Destination-less Drive

What could be more adventurous than a spur-of-the-moment date? No planning stress, budget concerns, and outfit dilemma; take your essentials and go. You can immerse yourselves in a deep conversation while in the car or enjoy the peace while watching the sunset outside. Such is perfect when you’re both stressed from work because you can be together and not worry about a thing.

See, even the non-adventurous couple can have fun outdoors. With these activities on your bucket list, you’d never have a boring and predictable date night ever again.

Meta title: Fun and Easy Outdoor Activities for Non-Adventurous Couples
meta desc: If you’re not the adventurous type, you might run out of ideas for a fun date. But not being adventurous doesn’t mean that the outdoors can’t be fun.


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