Why utilize meta trader in forex trading

Why utilize meta trader in forex trading

With the question what time does the forex market open in South Africa, it means that you are interested in forex trading. And as a forex trader, it might best to look around for a forex broker who is on the Meta trader 4 or 5 to do your business. With that, you would want to know all regarding Meta trader 

Why use Meta Trader for forex trading

The first thing that you ought to know regarding Meta Trader is that, it is lightweight and free software, which you can be able to download direct from the official website of the software, allowing you to perform operations quickly which is considered a big pros when in volatile markets operation.

It is a platform that will be able to allow you to configure the market, stop loss, trailing and pending stop orders to maximize profits. Additionally, you can utilize the expert advisors EA who will automatically do for you trade using the best strategies of investment. 

It offers you with a history of transaction where you can be able to see the various movements you have made previously and positions that have opened in helping you to generate more strategies that are effective for your future transactions.

The Meta Trader is known to be ideal for the traders of forex who desire to take advantage of the fluctuations in the market through opening and speculations up of the positions that are opposite. With both versions, you will be able to trade in stocks, bonds, metals, indexes, commodities as well as financial derivatives like:

  • CFDs contracts for difference
  • Options
  • Futures

What about Meta Trader 4?

The MT4 is so far the one that happens to be very popular in the platform of e-commerce among the users of Forex for over 10 years now. Its multiple features, mobility, and the security is what has made it to be a classic for all the users who trade daily in the market. 

It uses the MQL – MetaQuotes language which is a command sequence which is included in the platform to perform particular exchange strategies, analyze information and to facilitate automatic trading. 

The MQL4 also has a variety of functions that include:

Expert advisors

The expert advisors are trading systems that are automated and also referred to as commercial robots. They will be able to analyze and make the negotiations happening in the system in real time the event is happen or previously event that was previously planned. With the EAs, you can be able to create your applications, utilize them, upload the to a library of code, or sell them in the MetaTrader market.

Custom indicators

The custom indicators are the indicators which can be created on their own because of the availability of the MetaEditor that is embedded in the software additionally to the 30 indicators which are already in it. With such, you can be able to analyze the commercial situation of the market and utilize them in your favor. 


The scripts are the ones which are responsible in handling the operations at the start of the event. But it is important that you remember that it doesn’t allow any other operation happening simultaneously. Additionally, the scripts will help in calculating any risks that are possible, and managing operations, importing and exporting data and creating orders in markets which are closed. 


In them you will be able to store the custom blocks and functions which might be useful in using frequently in your program as a user.


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