Want the stylish screen cloth bag:

12 Ways to DIY a Stylish Tote Bag

The old days of not so stylish bags are gone a long ago. Now, the bag has also become a part of the style. There are many ways that one can match the style with different types of Screen cloth bag [ถุงผ้าสกรีน, which is the term in Thai]. That will level up someone’s style. And, nowadays these types of screen bags are in trends. People can easily see someone holding such bags in different casual outings and all. So, why running late when someone can easily match up the current fashion scene. And, that too with just a bag which will enhance the fashion statement.

But some things needed to be kept in mind. Like the most important thing is size. Buy such a size of cloth bags that fit in your hand easily. And, after that, the color of the bag and what is written or printed on the bag is also very important. So, look for these things so that one can find the best screen cloth bag for themselves.

Want to get cloth bags in bulk quantity

Many departmental and other stores in the market need a lot of cloth bags for their store. And, giving the store name cloth bag is also a kind of promotion for the store. So, it is always a good idea to have such bags. In that case, one can contact Fabric bag manufacturer [รับผลิตกระเป๋าผ้า, which is the term in Thai]. They will manufacture such customized bags with the store name and logo. A person just needs to give the store name and logo to the company and they will do the rest.

Is there any minimum quantity order thing?

Yes, one can expect a minimum quantity of 100. Less the 100 bags can’t be manufactured or it will be costly. It is not like one can make 50 or 60 quantity but it will be costly. That is why there is a minimum quantity of 100 bags.  


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