Machines are one of the most important parts of any industry:

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In every industry employee are the most important thing and that is why it is considered as assets. But after the employees, it is the machines that come in the second position. Without machines, nothing can be done in the industry. No one call that industry if it doesn’t have any machines in it. Machines are the ones on which everything is produced and by them any product is made. Yes, human efforts are needed but it needs machines to manufacture a product. And, it is not a new thing ever since the industries started machines have played a vital role in it.

Whether is it industry 1.0 or 4.0 machines are always there. And, this Industrial machinery [เครื่องจักร อุตสาหกรรม, which is the term in Thai] does all the tasks. Whether it is just tightening a bolt or assemble a car. Machines will be used to perform the job.

What are the different types of industrial machinery?

In normal words, industrial machinery is something that is being used to construct a product or destruct a product. Every equipment that is being used to perform the job can fall under the category of industrial machinery. So, it has a diverse range of machines. A big machine like a forklift to small machines like a screwdriver comes under industrial machinery. That is why name everything that is being used in industry can be called industrial machinery.

Robots are also a part of industrial machinery

That was the old days when a human operates the machines. Now, there is such industrial machinery that just needs to start and give them the task once. After that, they will do their task without even taking the help of humans. And, such machines are called robots. Now, robots have become an integral part of industrial machinery. They are working with humans and also in some areas working alone.


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