Progressive jackpots: Which is the best one to play? 

Progressive jackpots: Which is the best one to play? 

You will find a wide variety of online slot games to play online. And the one that promises a higher return on investment is the jackpot slots. You will find progressive network slots popular among casino pg players. Even so, that does not mean that players who wager on the games end up winning big. Playing progressive jackpot comes at a cost. Sometimes, you will find base games not giving the much needed payout compared to the progressive jackpots.  The reason is because a small portion of the other games amount goes to the huge jackpot. That said the following are the three progressive slot jackpots for you to play:

Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot. 

Credit goes to the Micro gaming for the creation of the Mega Moolah Progressive jackpot. In the game, when you trigger the progressive jackpot, you will have the opportunity to spin the wheel that will provide you with other four jackpots prizes to win. So far the jackpot game has paid $ 13 million as its largest win. It has an average payout of $2.1 million, with an average increase rate of $12,300 per day. 

The Mega Fortune Progressive Jackpots. 

The Mega Fortune is the second progressive jackpot that promises a higher return on investment.  The good news is that the game is features in many pg online casino slots.  Since 2009, the jackpot has paid so far $6 million as winning bonuses. According to pg slot online, the first winner of the Mega Fortune Jackpot game won$ 4.3 million. The second largest winner ever took home over $3.9 million. The game is played on a 5 reel 25 payline slot game. The good news is that its players will be eligible to receive either Major jackpot or Rapid jackpot.  A good strategy of winning in the jackpot is by you making it in the bonus games.  Then you should have the hopes that a series of the spins will land on the Mega Fortune Jackpot symbol. 

Beach life progressive jackpot.

The slot machine game has five classic rolls and a progressive jackpot worth thousands of dollars. Its average amount of the Beach life progressive jackpots estimated at $3.25 million.  Even so, the highest win ever recorded is worth $ 3. 25 million.  Te good news is that the game also comes with other bonus features aside from its big jackpots.  You will find wild scatters and bonus games, which will appeal to pro players.  The game also a perfect theme and appearance, just as its name suggests.  It uses common and popular symbols such as beach, girls, sand, ice cream, sun, and more. Other symbols that even make the game much interesting include yacht, palms, umbrella, and more. In the game wild symbols will be presented by the image in the sun. You should also know that scatter symbols will not provide you with free spins. Nonetheless, it will offer you with an opportunity to win big prizes.


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