Know More About the Basics of Matka games and the Payouts

Know More About the Basics of Matka games and the Payouts

The growing popularity of online betting games is a sign that you need to know the basics of the game well before playing. For instance, it is now a fascination and addiction of many to play satta matka online. If you wish to join the clan, you should know that the huge number of players has made it a little difficult to win money without knowing anything about then gam and its rules.

Nature of the game

The game is more like a lottery. You need to bet on random numbers and see whether your luck favors or not. There are a few primary rules for playing the game.

  1. Pick any three numbers, ranging from 0 to 9. For example, you selected 2, 4,5. Add the numbers, which results in 11. Add again to get 2 or drop 1 and keep the other 1.
  2. Now you have 2,4,5*2 or 2,4,5*1
  3. Pick the second set of numbers similarly. So if you chose 3,7,6, then the results will be 3,6,7*7 or 3,6,7*6.
  4. Now choose the bet and wait for the result.

A matter of luck

After knowing the primary rule of the satta game, you can well understand that it is more of a game of luck. Of course, some try to apply strategies, but you cannot do much by applying tactics here. So regard the game as a lottery.


The payout rates depend on the site you are playing the game and the type of game you have selected. If the rate is 999/1 and you win the game, you can expect a huge return. The attractive payouts make millions of people to invest in the game. Hitting the jackpot of the matka game can be a life-changing event. But you also have to pay a fee against your winnings. The website will deduct a certain percentage from your winning.


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