Music agencies are important to all emerging artists

Music agencies are important to all emerging artists

Music promotion has shown since its inception to be of great importance in the music industry and an essential tool. Music promotion has served artists as a tool for the growth and development of all music careers. Furthermore, music promotion is proven to be the most direct way in which a new artist can reach an unknown audience.

Music promotion is a must for all those artists who want to start taking their music careers seriously. At the beginning of any artistic career as a musician, the person must start with a firm step, with encouragement and motivation. In addition, you must have the support and surround yourself with the best teams of specialists who can help you in your career path.

Anyone who is a musical artist should ask for help and advice from the best professionals in the sector, they can help and guide you. Music promotion is important so that any artist who is not known can show their heads and be seen and made known. There are several ways in which an artist can make herself known and the most common are: Media and social networks.

About the Music Promo Today (MPT) agency

Music Promo Today is one of the most efficient music marketing and music promotion agencies in the entire United States. This agency was born a long time ago and now has more than a decade of experience in music marketing. This agency goes far beyond a simple music marketing, MPT feeds each of the strategies that arise.

All the promotions and music marketing that the MPT agency has are personalized to the client or artist. All the data and information handled by the MPT agency give you an incredible result that is accurate and measurable. The MPT agency provides its services for all those artists, brands, and labels; guaranteeing them that they will become viral and famous in the market.

In addition, it helps artists to build bases with the most loyal, loyal, and interactive followers on social networks. An artist having a wide variety of followers and fans, her music and her message can be heard by everyone anywhere. Currently, the MPT agency is one of the best music agencies in the United States.

The Music Promo Today agency enjoys a large number of awards, nominations, and prizes; demonstrating quality and serious commitment to the industry. In 2018, the MPT agency was named “Agency of the Year”; It was also awarded as the “Most Creative Agency”. And, in September of the year 2018, the MPT agency won the prestigious award (for the second consecutive year) of the Manhattan Awards.

Background of the Music Promo Today agency

In August 2012, the MPT agency made itself known to the public with its first campaign with Swizz Beatz. In September 2013, MPT launched its first campaign together with the Warner Brothers for Maybach Music Group. Since November 2014, he begins an incredible expansion in the agency with considerable growth and begins to provide cash services.

In August 2015, Music Promo Today expands and reaches New York lands. As of February 2016, MPT is recognized as one of the best public relations agencies in Canada. Then, in May 2016, MPT had its first clients located in the east of the world (Asia).

In December 2017, the MPT agency became the official provider of services for Universal Music G. In October 2018, Music Promo Today carried out the first campaign with Warner Chappell Artists. And, in December of that same year, the agency is awarded the “Agency of the Year” award in Manhattan, New York.

In the year 2019, in August, the MPT agency arrives with its official service to its 1000th artists. The MPT agency has a wide variety of recognitions in the industry by the main influential magazines in fashion, entertainment, and music. The magazines that have awarded recognition to the company are Forbes, Respect, Billboard, Huffpost, Magnetic, among others.


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