What is the TOIEC?

What is the TOIEC?

Produced by the American organization, the Examination of English for International Communication, or TOEIC, is an accreditation that makes it feasible to assess the degree of English of a non-English sound speaker, both in terms of composed, as well as oral expression.


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The different TOEIC tests


By misuse of language, we mention the “TOEIC Examination” in the singular, but in truth, there are numerous standard examinations under the name “TOEIC,” The test methods specify to each one, yet they all have the same last purpose: to examine your language skills in a specialist context.


The TOEIC Bridge invites you to answer 50 multiple-choice concerns in simply one hour to identify your level of English language effectiveness. This standard test licenses level, i.e., A1 or novice, to intermediate, i.e., B1. At the end of this MCQ, you get a score out of 180: a good start to define your level.


The TOEIC Listening, as well as Reading, includes an oral comprehension component, as well as a created understanding part. It lasts 2 hours, as well as is focused on pupils and experts from intermediate, i.e., B1 to advanced, i.e., C1 degrees. The optimum complete score for this examination is 990.

The TOEIC Speaking as well as Writing examination lasts 1 hour and 20 minutes. Made up of two tests, it permits you to assess your level of oral, as well as written expression and not only to test your understanding of professional English.


For a full language analysis, you can take all the examinations one after the other. You will after that understand more concerning your skills and will be able to show your rating from each of these three language tests on your CV.


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