What you don’t know about harmony?

What you don’t know about harmony?

Thanks to the introduction of the internet in our lives that we are able to find everything online. From listening to your favorite songs or ordering your favorite food you are constantly available with information that you can use for your convenience. If one of the days you are inspired to make your own YouTube channel because you wish to take your talent of singing to the next level, but there is something that just does not sound right you might need to learn about harmony. The next time when you are inspired to sing with your favorite singer but you are told that you could improve and become better you could try and learn from some of the following facts: 

  • In order to learn how to sing harmony, you must understand what harmony is. You may be listening to a song and the basic tune is called the melody. If you listen to a singer singing along the basic tune along with other instruments it is still the melody. If you hear another singer singing along with the first singer and even if the other singer is singing in it at a different note that the first it still sounds good and pleasing to the listener which is now called the harmony
  • Harmony is when different parts of music along with vocals at different pictures and notes arranged for a song and still sound pleasing to the listener. It must not be confused with singing in unison which means when two or more singers sing along a melody in the same tune following the same notes and rhythm. Unison is not the same as harmony and only when you listen to a group of people singing simultaneously at different tones and notes and still manage to sound pleasant you experience harmony. 
  • So to simplify men and women in a chorus sing the same tune at different notes but they will still sound almost the same. Harmony is when the song may or may not be sung at different tunes and still sound good. It’s like unison is noticing and enjoying only a single ingredient of a dish whereas harmony on the other hand is enjoying all the different parts that are complimenting the dash like spices. While some choirs do function on the basics of singing only in unison, a choir that sings in harmony can teach you a lot about training your ear. 

As with learning any other skill, to know how to sing harmony, it’s important to learn how to differentiate different sounds and tones in a song and see how it works along with vocals or multiple vocals. You will be training yourself to recognize harmony and the next step would be able to sing along the tune or melody and still sound good along with the song full stop this means you are now ready to saying harmony. The practice is what separates a beginner from the expert at any skill.


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