Ways To Learn Chinese As A Translator

Ways To Learn Chinese As A Translator

As soon as a westerner sees a foreign language with characters similar to Chinese sinograms, he will tend to say, “It’s Chinese.” This expression is used to show the difficulty of apprehending a completely unknown alphabet. But you should know that the Chinese translation (รับแปลภาษาจีน which is the term in thai) and language is the most spoken in the world with more than a billion Chinese speakers!

Here are our tips for learning to master the Chinese language.

Work in a Balanced Way; The Oral and Written

Many learners, at first, tend to prioritize the learning of the oral Chinese language by leaving aside the writing. This work method imbalances their knowledge and prevents them from learning Chinese effectively.

Also, writing is necessary to understand the Chinese language, economy, way of thinking, and culture. Chinese is a visual language, so understanding the composition of characters is essential to learn the Chinese language.

By working only orally, your level may stagnate. Also, writing is essential for life in China: studies, work.

Try calligraphy in your learning of Chinese writing; this will allow you to memorize the characters better. Also, practicing calligraphy will enable you to understand the Chinese language in an artistic way, and to take pleasure in learning new styles.

Immerse Yourself in The Culture

This allows you to improve your level very quickly, thanks to daily practice. Also, your linguistic stay in China will be advantageous on your CV and will testify to your experience and your knowledge of Chinese culture and working methods.

Practice With Other Learners

One of the best ways to learn Chinese is to practice the language daily with people as motivated as you. You can ask your Chinese course colleagues to work together outside of class. You can thus find yourself to revise and work on the oral expression together. This working method has the advantage of being motivating and allowing correction by its pairs.


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