Some Tips To Create A Successful Banner

Some Tips To Create A Successful Banner

Just like email marketing, banners have a terrible reputation on the internet, but they are the tools that generate more sales. They use banners to advertise on the internet is regaining strength and has been practiced for about 22 years.

Work The Colors Correctly.

Another thing that can significantly affect the conversion of your banners is using colors wildly, not knowing what kind of combination you are doing. Our subconscious can interpret the colors or a set of them and transform this into feelings, so you are used to seeing the color red as a sign of love, for example.

Also, be careful not to use a color combination without contrast; for example, I bet using this color was not a good choice; it was challenging to read. There is an Adobe tool called Adobe Color CC that will help you a lot with the contrast, and you can use the color wheel like in the photo below to see which color contrasts the most. It will always be the one on the opposite end.

Create Variations Of The Same Banner

If there’s one thing, I can give you for sure about creating banners, is that very rarely will you hit the nail on the first try? Create some variations of the same Banner and run on your site; if you use WordPress, it has plugins that can do this automatically.

Let these arts run for a week so you’ll have a lot of information to understand what type of art most appeals to your target audience.

Following these tips, it is inevitable that if you make banners online (membuat banner online which is the term in Thai) it will be very successful with visitors.

This is not a magic recipe that will make you sell more in a moment. These are just good practices to create a victorious banner. Put together a few variations and study how people behave with each one, and in no time, you’ll get the vast majority of your ads right.


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