How to Make A Brochure: What Information To Include?

How to Make A Brochure: What Information To Include?

How to Make A Brochure: The Content Of The Brochure

It is necessary to be clear about what information we want to include in the brochure, since in terms of sizes, as much as possible, much of what we want to add does not fit us.

We should not see this issue as an impediment, but rather as a possibility of optimizing our information so that our clients (and potential ones) get what is necessary to encourage them to visit us, purchase our product or service, or consult more information.

What Information to Include?

Before even proceeding with the brochure’s design, regardless of the format we are finally going to choose, we must have an idea of ​​the information we want to include.

Why Is It an Important Step?

Very simple, having an idea we know precisely what will be the most appropriate format that our brochure will have so that once the information has been chosen, we could start with its layout and design.

Based on the information to include, it is clear that everything will depend on what we want to advertise:

A promotion

A discount

The launch of a new product or talk about the services that our company offers.

When writing it, we must bear in mind that our main objective is to attract the attention of all those who have the brochure in their hands and increase the chances of conversion as much as possible.

The following contents should not be missing in a school brochure design (desain brosur sekolah which is the term in Indonesia) or a brochure:

Main and clear title with the message to be transmitted.

Name of the company that offers it, logo, brand.

Description highlighting the advantages, uses, and problems that your product or consumer service will solve

Descriptive images that accompany the text and show the product

Price well highlighted. If it is a promotion, you must show both the average price and the discounted price.

The number of units, if limited.

Place where to buy the product or service, address, telephone, map, web.

These contents will make a brochure successful.


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