Folderly- Ensuring your emails don’t go to the spam folder

Folderly- Ensuring your emails don’t go to the spam folder

In today’s era of digitization, most companies depend on emails to find potential customers for their brands. But the majority of the time many such emailsgo to the spam folder of mostrecipients or are not delivered to the right inboxes. This could lead to many issues for the company, including losing out on a lot of sales opportunities.

Many reports state that more than 51% of the emails sent by various companies and brandsnever reach the right destination.This could lead to many problems with your brands’ budgeting and more.If you have been looking for a way to solve all your email deliverability issues, then we have found the perfect solution.

Folderly is an AI-based online platform that works as an email tester service. It assures all its customers of solving all their email deliverability issues.And customer satisfaction is a guarantee the site promises. More than 200 companies are clients of the site and they have seen huge positive results in their email problems.

The service promises a lot of things that couldhelp grow your brand.Solving email issues is the best way to help your company move forward. Here are some things that the site promises all its clients:

  • An increase in email deliverability by a sure 100%
  • Your email open rates and email reply rates will go up by 70% and 30% respectively
  • And your email spam rate will go down to 100%

If you trust your company with Folderly services, then you can stop worrying about the statistics of your outgoing emails.You can bypass the spam filters to make sure your emails don’t end up in the spam folders of your recipients.You can also be assured of avoiding the blacklisting of all your outgoing emails.


If you are a startup, you know that the most important thing you need to grow your company is to make sure you make as many connections as possible. For this, you need to make sure that your emails are all delivered to the right place. Facing email deliverability issues could seriously harm your business prospects.

Folderly will help to grow your business and make sure that your emails don’t reach the spam folder of your potential customers and clients. Now, if you are a marketing or a service agency, your needs and requirements differ from that of a startup. The best part is Folderly understands this difference and works accordingly.

If you are a part of an agency and you are using Folderly’s services, then you canmake sure that if you lose any of your SDRs, Folderly will recover them. The service also promises to keep up high email deliverability. This email tester service works differently to help enterprises.

Folderly helps to make sure that multiple domains are maintained well and it also keeps an eye on all the email addresses. This way, enterprises can keep up their reputation as well as grow as a brand.

Join Folderly today itself to solve all your email deliverability issues as an email tester service.


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