A proper guide which helps you to handle studio lighting equipment

A proper guide which helps you to handle studio lighting equipment

Photography is one of the most prominent and dedicated profession for today’s generation. You can do a proper study on photography which will help you to know deeply about photography. If you do a study related to photography, they will start to teach you from the beginning and introduce all photography studio equipment.

It is also subdivided into many categories, which means you will get comprehensively educated about photography. If you are a newbie in the world of lighting equipment, then it will be more easy and exciting to understand it. The principal objective of this article is to give you a detailed explanation about all the essential lighting equipment. So, let’s start the topic with the types of light.

Types of light include in photography.

  • Strobe: Strobe refers to a dedicated flash unit which is also known as monolight. It is a source of light with a pack of substitute, which is used for power pack combination. It is used in different ways by different people. It works as a continuous light, and if you get the control on the power pack, then you can easily convert from many flash heads to one. The best feature of the strobe is that it isn’t expensive.
  • Continuous light: Continuous light also works like a strobe, but the critical difference between them is strobe use flash, but it doesn’t. The primary reason behind this continuous light is a high powered lamp that is fixed in modifiers just like any strobes.

The best feature of using continuous light is that it provides light for a continuous time. That’s why it is named continuous light. If we talk about strobe, then it only gives light at the time of clicking pictures. It is a type of LED lights which are available in the market.

  • Speedlight: This light is minimal and present on the top of the camera; if you have your camera,

then you can see the light like structure on the tops camera. They are portable, so it depends on you if you want to stay on it or remove it and place it on another camera.

You can also choose the same product with high power out, you just have to pay some extra bucks, and you will get high featured light. It is a very useful thing while capturing anything with a camera. It gives a different type of portrait effect while clicking a picture.

Function of light

  • Key light: Key light is the main and the brightest light in your scene. It is also used in the shaping of the object, which is one of the major work in photography.
  • Fill light: It is used for a prominent purpose which is to reduce the intensity of the shadow. It only reduces the intensity of shadow, which is created by the key light.
  • Rim light: It is used for giving a person light from the back, which helps to separate the model or product from the background. These light are not positioned, so you can only see silver light around the photo.


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