What Ulthera is All About

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Ulthera is one of the best non-surgical alternatives to a facelift. It kick-starts your collagen production and improves the appearance of wrinkles, thereby tightens the skin. In Ulthera [ทํา ulthera, which is the term in Thai], no anesthesia or incisions are needed and you can get the result with minimal preparation. The popularity of this non-surgical skin-tightening procedure has observed a rapid growth in recent times. Using ultrasound energy, this treatment effectively works wonders on your face, neck, for your sagging skin and wrinkles around the neck, face, etc. moreover, it is a proven treatment with a safety profile, marketing worldwide with a track record of use in the field of medicine for several years.

The overall procedure

The treatment targets areas that are beneath the skin with the help of ultrasound energy by setting the right temperature and initiating collagen regeneration. Collagen is a natural protein responsible for the youthfulness of the skin. As you age, the collagen breaks down, resulting in losing skin elasticity. The ulthera works wonders to tighten up the skin, muscle and superficial wrinkles. During the session, the physician cleans the area, places the device against the skin, thereafter adjusts the device with an ultrasound view and delivers it to the targeted area. The procedure takes thirty to ninety minutes, depending on the area of treatment. At the end of the entire procedure, the applicator is removed and you see the result.

The common side effect

The treatment is completely safe to undergo, however, there is a common side effect that usually stays after the treatment. Depending on your skin condition, you may get swelling on your face along with some redness. The idea behind letting you know about the side effect is to provide you with the obvious happenings that come with this wonderful treatment. These symptoms will disappear within a week and the doctor can prescribe you creams to accelerate the process. You may also prepare a cold compress that works wonders on swelling. Make sure you do not touch your face too often and do not use any scrubber in that one week.


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