Type of slot features

Type of slot features

The following are some of the types of features that you will find while playing slots online at pg slot:

  • Wilds:It refers to the symbols which work with the symbols that are surrounding, to become a pay line which is higher.
  • Cascading wilds: They are the wilds which will help you to win, but after that, they will disappear from the reels, allowing the other symbols to start to cascade down to form additional winning combos potentially. It gives you various chances to win, and in most cases, they are usually used in triggering the bonus rounds.
  • Ways to win :They can be able to give you ether a 234 or a 1024 or even more ways in which to win. You can start to win by a combination form the right to left or from left to right.
  • Win both ways: It is same as the ways to in whereby you can in from right to left or left to right.
  • Auto play: You will have to press the feature, sitting back and watching the spins over again. Once you are shown the results, it will be able for the reels to spin automatically again.
  • Nudges: You will have the option of moving the reels down so that they can potentially form a combination for winning. In most instances, they are manual but for some games, they have nudge features which are automatic also.
  • Hold: It holds the reels while the rest are spinning.
  • Bonus rounds/games: They are the favorite features for most slot machine players. There are at times random, but in most times, they tend to be common when hitting a particular combo, you will have to get to play a mini game. They vary, but the objective is normally to either win various multipliers and credits. These are often where the bulk of your slot winnings will come to. They might make you to feel like you have an effect on the outcome of the games and how much you are to win.
  • Multipliers: They are going to multiply your winning for that particular round or for various spin numbers. You might in like for example $5 from a round of bonus, but also end up having a 5 times multiplier. You will not only win the $5 but instead, win $25.
  • Free spins: The machine will be able to award you with some free spins, where all the features mentioned above will be able to get triggered. You can as well win additional free spins, Jane credits; trigger several bonus rounds and much more.
  • Scatter symbols It doesn’t mostly matter where they are going to appear on your screen. But when you get about 2-3 or even more of these, you will end up triggering a bonus round or an additional free spins.
  • Stacked/expanding wilds: When such appears, they will be able to expand, covering more of the reels or the reels which are next to it. It gives you more surface areas of the wild, making it more likely that you are to hit one, if not, various winning combos.


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