Making a Balcony Garden in a Condo

Questions to Ask Before Starting a Garden Balcony

You don’t need a yard to develop a luscious yard. Comply with these expert tricks as well as make your very own flora-filled balcony garden in condo [จัด สวน ระเบียง คอน โด, which is the term in Thai].

  • Get your light right

Prior to you get anything, take the time to discover the number of hours of sun daily your porch obtains. Take note of indirect light also, that is, no trees or walls blocking big portions of the skies. Even a north-facing veranda can be a happy residence for several plants if there is enough indirect light. For complete sunlight, plant: succulents, Turfs, morning magnificence creeping plants, lettuce, strawberries, lavender, sage, oregano, mint, as well as basil. For lots of shade, plant: Coleus, the majority of kinds of brushes, English ivy, Fuschia, tranquility lilies, as well as begonias.

  • Examine your planters

See to it the containers you plan to use are compatible with the growing practices of your plants. See to it they have an appropriate drain too.

  • Don’t make use of simply any dirt

Make use of a potting soil that is created for containers; these sorts of dirt are very light.

  • Cover dirt with compost

Stay clear of dry dirt with pea crushed rock, moss, or shredded cedar.

  • Use a top dressing of compost

Garden compost tea is fantastic for condo dwellers or any individual that can’t make compost, implying it’s good for inside your home as well as containers. Utilize it as opposed to water for your plants.

  • Give the plants an excellent drink

If you are in a gusty area, your plants will require more sprinkling, probably as soon as each day in the summer. Terra-cotta pots likewise require more regular watering than plastic or fiberglass.

  • But ensure you don’t rush watering

Water slowly as well as extensively up until excess water drains out the bottom of the container.

  • Winter-proof

If planning for putting your pots out via the winter, see to it, they are frost-proof to stay clear of cracking.


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