From Chaos to Collaboration – The Shape of Travel in 2020

From Chaos to Collaboration – The Shape of Travel in 2020

Who among us who has travelled has not experienced some frustration with the experience? Whether it is being surrounded by tourist traps, lost luggage, difficulties with security or something else, we’ve all experienced frustrations and wondered why it hasn’t improved at all.

Whether it is official or not, the travel experience as experienced by a large number of travellers is less than ideal. In fact, a new report has come out that details how travel could be better and unsurprisingly luggage that follows you around is high on travellers priorities but also somewhat surprising are the desired security enhancements.

Reshaping the travel experience is essential as we move forward and given the advancements of technology in the last decade alone, there is set to be a revolution in the travel and tourism industry, but how to prioritise? Well, Amadeus (a company who provides services to the travel and tourism industry), have set their sights on the future and created a report and infographic about the shape the future of travel could take.

The report brings together the insights of eighteen travel industry experts and of 1,437 travellers surveyed in Brazil, China, Russia, Spain, UAE, UK and US. The report looks at a variety of issues from travel stress to augmented reality including things like health checks, cloud access, RFID luggae and more.

Facial recognition technology and increasing the ease with which a traveller makes their way through the airport was a key finding of the report. From passport control with long range fingerprinting to biometric passports and border controls, the journey through the airport was scrutinized and you can read about how technology is set to improve this, at times, stressful part of your journey in the report or check out the infographic because it is interactive!


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