Collaborative Gaming: A Lifesaver for Children in COVID-19 Times

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If we’re to graph the negative feelings of Americans during the pandemic, it’s highly likely we’ll see the line skyrocket to the skies. It’s just so overwhelming. When people are herded to their homes for an unprescribed number of days it sure brings a lot of mental issues to the fore. Add to the mix the piles of bodies reported on the news due to the virus advance. It sure looks pretty sad for everyone. No wonder suicide rates are up.


But the picture isn’t totally somber. Technology once again comes to the rescue. All the time available has made the pandemic and its stay-in-place orders the perfect breeding ground for collaborative gaming. The merits of collab gaming cannot be overemphasized, especially true for children. By connecting to people outside of your home, a child learns to counter boredom. Even better, he can help other people cope too. All this while enjoying his game to the fullest.


COVID-19 Woes Adding Up


Certainly, things are boiling over. And it can be worse for children.


If you’re to put to mind all the things that the virus brought to America, it’s downright scary. Never before has an enemy put so much fear and anxiousness to a superpower nation.


The results say it all. 


As stipulated in a recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey about half of Americans today are having mental issues because of the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s really tough. The survey revealed tens of millions of Americans feeling the pangs of boredom and depression during the pandemic. Small wonder distress calls to emergency hotlines have increased by 1,000%.


A classic example is the suicide of Dr. Lorna Breen, ER Director at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital. She took her life on April 26, 2020, days after taking a respite with her family. The 40-year old doctor was filled with negative emotions. Patient after patient died on her watch even with all her efforts. Indeed, the strong-willed doctor was facing an uphill battle against the virus.


Indeed, CDC has stipulated “pandemics are stressful.” All that uncertainty can trigger strong emotions in people. To make matters worse, people are increasingly isolated these days, doubling the negative emotions by a hundredfold. 


To counter such ill-effects of the virus, the government body has listed various helplines. Those whose mental conditions are deteriorating should seek help at once. As for your part, you should be wary of the symptoms associated with depression in children.


The Magic of Collab Gaming


And yet, collaborative gaming can be a timely remedy to all that negative emotions swelling from the inside. For one, it can be a great way for children to connect during the pandemic. They will find it a blessing at a time when playing outside is not an option.


Certainly, there’s more than meets the eye with gaming. Recent studies pointed out that gaming promoted prosocial behaviors in children. This is especially true for children playing for a team online. Studies found that children who play collab gaming are more inclined to talk and help others. ; 


Additionally, you can help your child play with other people in the house. Price-friendly gaming laptops are a treasure trove. One should allow him to connect to anyone in the house wherever they maybe. In the process, gaming can be a great bonding time.


Indeed, the gaming world can provide a “transition phase” for kids nowadays. Remember that many people may not be able to fully understand the full meaning of a pandemic. By allowing your child to play, he gets to interact with people online, growing his circle in the process.


This is what psychologist affirmed that video games provide a “good way” for children to connect socially. All that is possible without risking your child to come in contact with anyone physically. In this sense, video gaming is a good measure to keep COVID-19 at bay.


And it’s all good. Children learn to compete. Even better, children learn to collaborate and form deep connections.


In his book The New Childhood: Raising Kids to Thrive in a Connected World, Jordan Shapiro affirmed how effective collab gaming in helping young ones socialize. Children who play collaboratively are advancing their social skills. Thus, before you scold your child about his gaming, think again.


Collaborative gaming can be an effective tool to fight boredom. Even better, it can help your child develop his social skills at a time when going outside is taboo. In such an hour of need, it’s a lifesaver.

Meta title: Collaborative Gaming: Taking a Child’s Boredom Out of COVID-19 Times

Meta desc: It’s no secret the pandemic is creating a lot of bored people. Thanks to collaborative gaming, such negative emotions can be minimized. It allows children to socialize even if it’s just online. Read on to find out more.


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