Top 10 traditional bridal hairstyles with twist-trick: reveal your grace

Top 10 traditional bridal hairstyles with twist-trick: reveal your grace

It is a common observation that in traditional bridal hairdo-range, the twister styles are all-time global hits. Quintessential factors like tradition and look play a parallel role in a bridal makeup plan, no doubt, but have you ever thought about that X-factor about these twister-tricked traditional bridal hairstyles that make them uber-cool since years?


Bridal hairstyles with a twist are the special artistries of hairstyling, where the set hair stays fixed for a longer time. They look carefree, fashionable, but elegant enough, and above all, these styles are comfortable to wearBesides look and lovely gorgeousness, hardly you need styling products to tease your hair. These twisting-crafts are easy to perform and finally safe for your hair too.


But what are some of these exclusive hairdos that are perfect for your special day as well as entirely safe for your hair? Although there are many fashionable hairstyles are available in twister category, here we have picked and chosen a special few for your ready reference.

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Rolled ponytail


A rolled ponytail is an all-time favorite bridal hairstyle that is simple, comfortable, and safe for hair. No matter if your hair is sleek, or thick, long or short, you can opt for this twist-hairdo with its best effect. Your hairdresser will pull a band of hair from the bottom part of your hair volume and will twist it around the pony. You can twist the hair like a band, or you can make a braid out of it. Just don’t forget to secure it with a small pin. So easy and simple! But you will look awesome.


Simple braided headband


It is a traditional hairdo that brides have preferred for their bridal hairstyle for a long time. This hairstyle looks suitable for all brides, no matter if the bride is tall or short in stature. Are you looking for a simple but catchy bridal hairdo for your tresses? A braided headband is one of the simple twist-based hairstyles that will fit for your bridal makeover easily. You will have no compromise on your relaxed state of mind.


Fishtail braid


The fishtail braid is a versatile bridal hairdo, and it’s popular too. The simple-looking fashionable hairstyle looks soothing with a unique girlish charm. It is a fusion of fishtail braid and random hair tweaking arrangement that results in a carefree look with an impeccable bridal appeal. You can let loose some hair strands around your facial frame to add an extra layer in your hairstyle.


Asymmetrical French Braid


There is a fine line of similarity between traditional and classy style, which you can feel about asymmetrical French braid hair arrangement. It’s cute and versatile in the true meaning of the words. It doesn’t matter if your hair is silky or coarse, color-treated, or not. This gorgeous but straightforward hairstyle is purely outstanding, like your bridal appearance. It is one of the most excellent examples of gentle twister hairdo you can always try.


Braided chignon


The beauty of a braided chignon is its perfect balance between simplicity and elegance. If you want to try a traditional hairstyle in your bridal makeup, the braided chignon is one of the options you can be sure of its beauty. In addition to its elegance, you will get to enjoy relaxing comfort, which is indeed priceless. If you love to project a soft romantic look after your bridal makeup is done, a braided chignon is an ideal updo for your hair on your special day.

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A Tugged-Out Braided Updo


Do you have a particular fascination for braids and twists? If yes, a tugged-out braided updo will surely make you fascinated. It’s a darling hairdo that dressers also prefer for their clients. The look gets gorgeous with its mesmerizing combo of fishtail braids and inverse braids held in an updo and secured with a jewel stud braid comb! Veil or no veil, your hairstyle will steal the show. It’s obvious because you worth it.


Polished Pony Braid


If you love wearing simple but stylish bridal makeup, you should go to a fashionable hairstyle that is sleek, smart, and neat in look. Why don’t you try for polished pony braid? It is a crafty combo of twist and gentle tweak of your silky tresses! Feeling relaxed, comfortable, and above all superbly gorgeous is the side effects of approving polished pony braid hairstyle. The smart hairdo will add taller stature to your silhouette. Add floral adornment for a romantic look.


French Braid Bun


Do you love lots of drama and a cozy balanced look in your bridal hairstyle? If yes, you may try the style called French Braid bun. It’s a low bun on the nape of the neck, and it’s all about the gentle twist of your hair. Long and middle-size hair will work well for complimenting this hairdo. You can add a hair accessory in the middle of the bun to set the twist tightly. Not only will you look good, but you will also look awesome!


Side Braid Bun


Side braid bun is made by twisting your long hair, and it looks neat. If you are fond of a traditional hairstyle with modern subtleties in your bridal makeover, this relaxed style will be the right bait for you. It’s a chic style, but it is comfortable and creative enough as a hairdo that you can decorate with a gorgeous hair accessory you love. Just be sure that you feel comfortable with this updo.

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Pulled-Through Braid


The tiered-effect is the real beauty of this twist-tricked bridal hairdo. It is a pull-through hairstyle that neither teases volume nor compromises with relaxing tightness you love to feel with your bridal hairstyle. You can enhance its lovely stretched shape with floral adornment or pearl stud hairpins. This bridal hairstyle is the most suitable one for long hair beauties; however, medium hair can be adjusted. For small hair, you have to use hair extension.


These are 10 bridal hairstyles that will use hair twists, no doubt, but will create a fascinating look for the brides like you. Hairdressers will also find them pretty easy and stress-free for the styling of the brides’ hair. These fashionable hairstyles are easy to harmonize with the rest bridal attire and jewelries; however, you can restrict the use of hair styling products when setting hair. Don’t forget to use a live-in conditioner before and after hairstyling. Happy styling!




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