Things To Check And Ask To Find The Best Solo Ads Provider

You will come across a large number of solo ds provider but there is no reason or any wisdom to believe that all of them are created equal. To find out the best solo ads provider, here are a few things that you should check and ask them. To start with, always avoid those people who make big promises that you feel are too good to be true. If you feel it that way then probably it is. Alternately, you should verify them as well as their list to find out whether they or their list is worth your money. Check about them on different forums, from your friends and several other online resources.

Check out their social accounts

One of the best ways to check trustworthiness and reliability of a service provider is to visit their social media accounts. This is a highly reliable source because almost every busines has one created where you will find a lot of feedbacks, both positive and negative, from the social followers. These comments and feedbacks are most honest and mostly true as compared to the regular testimonials that you may find in the official website of these service providers, which, most of the times, are doctored. Check out whether anyone has complained about them so that you do not end up posting one eventually.

Ask about the list

Ask the service provider what is the exact process they follow to build a list for running solo ads. Most of the times you will get a more realistic and satisfactory answer to it. to make sure that what they say is true, you can ask them whether you can take a look at their squeeze page. Ask about their pricing and privacy policy as well. However, make sure that you do not ask too many questions so that they feel that you think they or a scammer. Hit the sweet spot to ask enough questions that will put you in a confident level.

Few other questions to ask

You may also ask the service provider other questions like how frequently they mail to a specific list. Also ask about the offers they make and what are the specific types of offers that do well. Make sure that you ask them about the process they follow to deal with hard bounces, the rate of their spam complaints which should ideally be less than 0.2%, and finally, about the average response rate.


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