How to Take Care of Your Amethyst Birthstone Ring

How to Take Care of Your Amethyst Birthstone Ring

The maintenance needs of gemstones and minerals depend on their hardness. Hardness is measured using the Mohs scale, and gemstones that score high are usually easier to maintain. For instance, diamond scores ten on the Mohs scale and is super-durable. Diamonds may lose their luster if not polished regularly, but their quality hardly ever fades with time. A mineral or gemstone that scores lower than ten will require some maintenance. How does the classic Amethyst stone perform on the Mohs scale? It scores seven which is decent. A score of seven makes the Amethyst stone not as durable as diamonds but strong enough. These stones can last for lifetimes when treated and maintained properly. Don’t worry – maintaining this gemstone is really easy. Here’s a guide.

What are the Risks?

The first step for maintaining your Amethyst birthstone ring is understanding what threats it faces. Amethyst belongs to the Quartz mineral species. Unfortunately, so do common pollutants like sand and dust. Since both parties are composed mostly of quartz, they attract each other. The light-purple-colored varieties of Amethyst stones are extremely prone to dirt accumulation. To prevent scratches and scribbles from these dirt particles, users need to clean their Amethyst stones regularly. Another major hazard for Amethyst stones is abrupt temperature changes. Amethyst isn’t as stable as other members of the Quartz mineral species in intense situations. If you suddenly send your Amethyst ring from a cold location to a hot one, the Amethyst crystals may fracture. Intense and prolonged exposure to light may also cause Amethyst stones to lose their colors.

Maintaining and Cleaning Your Amethyst Rings 

Firstly, you must keep your Amethyst stones in cool and dark places. Avoid letting your Amethyst rings come in contact with liquids like alkaline solutions, hydrofluoric acid, or ammonium fluoride. Amethyst is perfectly compatible with soapy water. You don’t need ultrasonic cleaners or steam cleaning machines to maintain your Amethyst rings. Soak your Amethyst rings in soap water for twenty minutes. By doing so, you’ll loosen up all the pieces of dirt and grime. Then, gently wipe the gemstone with a microfiber cloth. Repeat the process until it looks shiny. Never rub dry cloths on your Amethyst stone. Always get the stones wet first.

The Importance of Being Gentle

Always be gentle while cleaning your Amethyst rings. Use mild cleaning products (preferably the ones that don’t contain chemicals), plain water, and simple paper towels or microfiber cloths. If you can’t gather these cleaning agents, take your Amethyst rings to a jeweler who will be happy to clean your jewelry pieces for free!


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