How Not To Get Addicted With Online Poker

How Not To Get Addicted With Online Poker

Online poker can be very fun and at the same time addictive. Anything that is more than what it is supposed to be used or done is not good. If you are one of those people who are starting to feel like they cannot stop themselves from playing poker, it is best if you do immediate action. 

There is completely nothing wrong loving online gaming, what will make it wrong is if the game is already affecting your personal life and the people around you. 

Getting addicted to anything not just to online gaming is something you must avoid. 

Poker online is fun, entertaining and a good game for people to relax but if the game is already making you feel stressed, sad or worried, maybe the game is not serving you its purpose anymore. 

There are many ways you can do not to get addicted with the game, and to name some of them, you can read this article. 

Know your limitations

Make sure that you know your limitations and find a way not to go beyond that.

  • Time

You have to set a schedule as to when you can only play poker and make sure you abide to it. If you need to set an alarm, do it. Playing for a very long time, and sacrificing your sleep and work is not ideal at all. 

Do not break the schedule you made as if you do so, everything else on it will follow. 

  • Money

Only play what you can lose. Of course, your aim when playing poker is not only to have fun but to win money as well. But remember, luck is not always on your side, hence losing is possible. Do not go with what you can only afford. Make sure that you do not use the money you kept for your bills and other necessities. 

Think of other activities

There are a lot of other things to do than playing poker. Think of other activities you know is very interesting and enjoyable for you. Think of playing sports, spending time with your family, cooking, baking and a lot more. 

Do not devote all your free time playing poker. If this you do, you are putting yourself in a possible danger of addiction. 

There are a lot of other good things to do, and considering it other than online poker is without a doubt a good idea to consider. 

Have a clear mindset

When playing online poker, you should not only focus on winning but also experiencing the fun of playing the game. If you focus just on winning, you might end up losing. Playing poker is not all about money, there are some who play poker to gain more friends, kill time, relax and so on. 

Clear your mindset and do not always run for the money. 

Following the tips above, you can somehow keep the addiction at bay. True that playing poker is fun but if you do beyond what you are only supposed to be playing, the addiction migh affect you and your loved ones negatively. 


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