How can you tell that you have erectile dysfunction?


Many men are experiencing ED these days but no one wants to talk about it. As much as no one wants to open up on their inability to achieve an erection, ED can have a deeper impact on relationships. Your self-esteem can also be lowered because of ED. Troubles in the bedroom once in a while doesn’t mean that you are suffering from ED. Many men will have trouble achieving an erection at some point in their life. But that should only be once in a while. If it becomes persistent, that should be a reason to worry. So, how can one tell that they are suffering from ED?

Signs that you are suffering from ED

The process of being aroused as a man is very long and complicated. For the process to be achieved with success, many things must be involved. Your brain, emotions, nerves, blood, hormones, muscles, and vessels must coordinate for the process to be complete. When one of the above mentioned is not working correctly, that can cause ED.

Apart from the coordination of your body, your mental state can also contribute a lot to achieving an erection. If you are depressed, stressed, or have other mental health concerns, it can be very difficult for you to achieve an erection. If you have minor health issues, that can also slow down your sexual response. A slow sexual response can be accompanied by anxiety which might lead to shutting down the entire system.

Occasionally, sexual problems don’t necessarily mean that you are dealing with ED but you will know that what you have is ED after some signs. Reduced sexual desire, inability to achieve an erection, and inability to maintain an erection are signs that you are suffering from ED.

Who is at risk of erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can occur to anyone but there a group that is more vulnerable to the condition. You are at a greater risk of getting ED if you are getting old, you have psychological conditions such as depressions and anxiety, you are overweight, you are using drugs, you are undergoing medical treatment, you have an injury, you are taking medication, or you are suffering from a medical condition such as heart problems. If you are suffering from ED, consider using vadalista

How can you prevent erectile dysfunction?

It might be very difficult to prevent erectile dysfunction but taking good care of yourself can help a lot. The healthier you are, the more likelihood of avoiding erectile dysfunction problems. To help prevent ED, you should concentrate on doing things such as managing your mental health, make sure that you are stress-free, you can exercise, you can stop smoking and using any kind of drugs, and if you have any kind of medical conditions, you can find a suitable way to maintain them. You never know when erectile dysfunction will come. Therefore, take good care of yourself. You can also use androskat as a solution to ED. A healthy lifestyle can definitely help you avoid this issue.


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