8 Effective Strategies For Learning

How do you learn properly? For learning success, students like exchange students in Thailand need these learning strategies. The following learning tips will help:

  1. Set Up A Permanent Place To Study

A quiet learning environment is essential. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your room, not even a whole desk, but space should only be reserved for work because fixed habits are a great learning aid. This also includes defining fixed learning times.

  1. Create A Feel-Good Atmosphere

The study area should be functional but also comfortable. No distractions, please; mobile phone and television remain switched off. You may be able to concentrate better with soft background music. Some like the background noise; others need absolute silence to get into learning mode.

  1. Test Learning Methods

Find out which learning method you prefer. Take a complex subject and read it out, draw a picture, talk to yourself about it and have it explained, or do an experiment on it. In this way, the you learn the easiest way to understand the material.

  1. See Difficulties As Opportunities

Thoughts like “I can’t do it anyway” are real motivation killers. Do not pressurize yourself with expectations that are too high. The feeling of having to perform at a high level can block learning. You should know that they are sitting in the study room where mistakes are allowed. The sentence “This is difficult, but I am up to the challenge” also increases self-confidence.

  1. Make A Learning Plan

To learn, our brain needs time and structure. A good learning plan takes into account the individual learning pace. First comes the preparation, then the learning phase, then the repetition phase, and the verification phase. If a class test is due, several days should be planned for practicing.

  1. Switch To Learning

If strong impressions and experiences overlap your thinking, it isn’t easy to switch off and switch to learning. Small concentration exercises help; 2 – 3 minutes are enough.

  1. Set Milestones

If you divide the learning material into portions and work on it in sections, you will learn more relaxed. Because stage wins are successes that make you feel positive and avoid stress.

  1. Starting With Something Easy

On When doing homework, many find it difficult even to begin. A complex subject is even more intimidating. Besides, the brain needs about a quarter of an hour to get in top form. Therefore, the “warm-up time” should be used for a fun subject.


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